Landscape Photography, Wedding Photography, Portrait and Pet Portrait Photography, Commercial and Event Photography, Photography Tuition by David Webb from Washington Tyne and Wear

Living in the North East, David is surrounded by the amazing coastline and fabulous landscape beauty of the North East of England, Northumberland and beyond
David also provides Environmental Portrait and Pet Portrait photography, Wedding photography, Commercial and Event photography and Photography Tuition.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to have a look at my photography. I hope, after enjoying your visit, you take away some inspiration, an idea, a memory or the fact that you simply enjoyed the journey through the landscapes.
I was born in the North East of England and still reside there, surrounded by the beautiful countryside and coastline, where my subject matter begins. From picking up my first camera some years ago, photography soon turned into a true passion. Today, I’m still enthusiastic, if not more so, but rest assured, the learning curve in this form is endless. My personal goal is to continuously improve my work and, through this medium, illustrate a multi dimensional world within the limits of this two dimensional art.

My style is creative and fresh, together with my experience and a love of photographic art, it all makes for exciting images. I’m experimental and always keen to try new techniques, clearly striving to meet my clients every wish...whilst delighting them with my unique interpretation.

My photography does not arise from simply a desire to see the world through a lens, but from a deep passion of the process where I am able to capture a wonderful light, a new dawn a beautiful smile or perhaps a precious moment that will be cherished forever.

Lewis Mumford, the American historian and philosopher once said...
“It is the artist who realises human experience, who takes the raw lump of ore we find in nature, smelts it, and stamps it into coins that can pass from hand to hand and make every man who touches them the richer”.

In a sense.... that’s the desire I strive for in my photography - to take the natural scene I see in front of the lens, and turn it into an image, with the aim of touching the hearts of those who look at it, for years to come.

Others have enjoyed my work in the Hotshots section of Digital Camera photography magazine, North East Life and Living North magazines including the Living North’s edition of Out and About and the In-Focus supplement , where I gained critical acclaim for my work being described as ‘’one of the very best photographers to be found in the North East". Similarly, the BBC have showcased my work on their ‘People and Places’ website.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and remember, time is the most precious commodity we actually your dreams.
David Webb